Friday, April 6, 2012

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Last day of 1 year old

Happy Birthday My Love...

Birthday party with Den Mamas @ lovely Rhiannon's // Opening presents // Marwell Zoo


WARNING: *This is going to be one of those blogs that is really of no interested to anyone but family*

My baby is now two years old. As the cliche goes, 'where has the time gone?'

I want to capture some of what she is doing and who she is. I love her more and more each day and think that 2 years old is my favourite age~ Terrible Twos? Shmerrible Twos!

~ She loves her Dr. Seuss, Peppa Pig, Spongebob Square Pants & Charlie & Lola. Ok. The girls loves TV. But there is nothing sweeter than hearing her sing the theme tune to Spongebob and play her nose like it's a flute!

~She is an avid reader. She now wants to read to herself when she goes to bed as opposed to having the story read to her. At this moment she is still all about Dr. Seuss' 'Time To Read' and also 'Hello Baby' which we gave to her in preparation of her sibling's homebirth.

~ She counts to 14 with ease! She says, 'Oh my Goodness Me!'
She knows her own mind and is very confident. Strangely she has only just started saying 'Yeah' as she had always only nodded her head in agreement. Her latest word? 'Congratulations'... She let's you know what she wants, when she wants it.

~ She sings along to Nirvana in the car and announces 'We are home!' whenever we pull down our driveway.

~ She is obsessed with brushing her teeth, wiping her hands and face, cuddling the cat, seeing her friends and going to the PAAAAARRK! If there is a slide, she is ON IT! She loves animals. Especially ducks.

~ She is very excited for the arrival of baby. I love the way she kisses and hugs my growing belly, pressing her cheek against it and saying 'awwww I love you.' These are the sweetest moments.

~ She loves to eat bananas, yoghurt, cake, satsumas, 'dip dips', Monkey Juice, 'mato Sauce, cake, cake AND cake. Oh, and ice-cream.

~ Her favourite toys are Soft Teddy, Winston, Gary, Tinga Tinga and Baby. She lives for colouring and painting and wants us to draw with her too.

~ She is yet to learn that the laptop is not a toy and will type away as long as you will let her.

~ She excitedly runs to the door as soon as she hears the key in the lock at 7.30pm announcing 'DADDDDY!'

~ I love the mornings with her, hearing her say my name as she wakes or smiles as she opens her eyes.

~ She loves wearing hats. Any hat... And painting smocks.

~ She is very soft in nature. I love that she is so gentle with her peers. She is caring and thoughtful to others feelings.

~ She (sadly) has an obsession with her Dad's android phone. Hmmm.

~ Bath-time is always a hit- playing 'mermaids'; lying on her stomach and swinging her legs back and forth. She loves her frog bath towel and calls herself 'The Green Queen' when she wears it after her bath.

She is a joy every day. Welcome to your 3rd year, baby!