Saturday, July 2, 2011

shellac me.

I love nothing more than a little beauty pampering.

Since having Avalon I haven't had much chance (time/money) to indulge in one of my favourite past-times but today I managed to treat myself to a manicure at Polished in Godalming. It seemed the perfect opportunity as today was the Godalming Food Festival so I could managed an hour away whilst Grant and Avalon indulged in Louisiana Shrimp.

For years, on and off I have been getting acrylic nails. My nails do not grow. At all. And after years of having acrylics is it any wonder? I hate to think of all the nasties that I have had painted onto my nails at dodgy nail bars and have vowed N0 MORE. I can kiss the artificial length goodbye and am Ok with that- Gone are my days of looong french tips (circa 1998)- hello short, shiny, squared COLOUR.

I think I have found exactly what I always longed for- The holy grail of beautiful nails for those Keratin challenged; long lasting, chip-free colour polish that does not damage the nail either through filing and drilling OR *apparently* nasty ingredients.

Introducing... Shellac manicure.

Shellac is supposed to last 2 weeks before a re-do is necessary similar to gel or acrylic tips. Unfortunately I cannot afford that either financially or time wise so we will see how long these babies last.

The colour is Tropix. Perfect for summer. I am normally a 'Whore Red' kinda girl but thought I would change it up a bit and lucky for me I have a Nails Inc polish at home in 'Coral' to paint my toes and (sorta) match.

************************ UPDATE ***************************

One week on and my nails still look like I *just* had a manicure! I love it! Thank you so much to Amy & team at Polished, Godalming... I will certainly be back!

If you want to see how Shellac is done, check out Lisa Eldridge below: