Wednesday, December 29, 2010

3am Blogging is awesome... Jetlag? Not so much...

Ok.... so I started this blog last month and haven't revisited it since... Why? Well I have an excellent excuse, we have just had four glorious weeks visiting family in Australia.

Talk about chicken soup for the soul... it had been over 18 months since I had been back home (yes, I am an ex-pat) and hadn't seen my family since April when my daughter, A was born.

I just needed to chill out and enjoy the company of my family and old friends... I would have liked to have included the warmth on my skin but there wasn't a whole lot of that- yes, it was warm (stinking hot some days) but it rained the majority of the time we were there... still an improvement on the snowy conditions we had left behind.

I seem to live in a constant state of feeling like I don't *quite* belong in either place... I guess the UK doesn't really feeling like home and yet when I am back in Australia, I have a sense of melancholy... When I last went back 18 months ago, I felt like a tourist in the place I spent the first 24 years of my life. It was a crazy and unnerving feeling.

But THIS time was different....

The last 4 weeks I found myself missing the UK much less.... maybe it is the pull of family and friends (I don't think it helps that where I grew up is so breathtakingly beautiful)I think my mind has been made up... and some point (soon!) We want to return to Australia... for me that is the place I NEED to be.