Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Red. Patent. Mary. Janes.... NOT

Ok... so this was supposed to be my new blog header but as usual, Blogger is having a 'frips out' about how many photos I upload... So... Here it is. As a post.

I realise that my pink Chuck Taylor high tops are vastly different to red patent mary janes but I thought it a cool photo (Avalon, my Mother & I)  and I wanted to include it.

I am still finding my way with this blog thing, the graphics change, the focus changes, but hey, That is me.

I want, I need, I have to have... again.

I admit I am a little obsessed with babywearing. It is one of those loves that just developed through having my daughter- like breastfeeding, if you said I would be PASSIONATE about this pre-Avalon I would have laughed in your face. 

Why do I love babywearing? Well for starters, I LOVE having Avalon close to me- she sleeps better and settles on my chest. I love having my arms free... I don't have to find the elevator when we are out and about... I feel like a I have a lighter 'load'. I would also say I put the 'unco' in uncoordinated when it comes to using a pushchair-- yes we have one, and no I haven't used it in about 8 months--- when I did I was forever getting the wheels stuck in door ways, running into people...  do just as well with a shopping trolley. It aint pretty.

Now... I also like to spend money (I know, I know) and with a wealth of carriers out there it was a hard task to decide which one to go with; wraps, soft structured, slings... We started with the babasling, then moved on to the baby bjorn (before we knew better) and then got our beloved Ergo.

Now... I really do love my Ergo. I recommend it to anyone that will listen, but hey... it is not as pretty/funky/trendy as this little beauty I stumbled upon ~

Behold the The Rebel by Rose & Rebellion. Isn't it lovely??

I saw a babywearing Dad in Guildford when Avalon was about 7 months old and he was sporting this carrier but in the Jolly Roger. I had to stop him and ask where he had got it! Carriers as awesome as this, like the Ergo are not found in stores (and will probably explain why new parents gravitate toward the baby bjorn.)

Can I justify a new carrier... mmmm... probably not. But I will covet this beauty from affair and keep in my mind if we have any more kiddies.