Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Yesterday my fellow Den Mamas surprised me with my very own Blessingway. I honestly had no idea they were planning it; I thought we were getting together for a showing of The Business of Being Born at Gheila's house, which has become I think the official hang out of the Den-ians.

As we got cosy on beanbags in Gheila's cinema room with our babies surrounding us, I was surprisingly served with one of my favourite drinks, Lychee Bubble Tea! The ingredients sourced online (I usually get my fix in London) is that spoiled or what!? As usual my head space is usually occupied with my own world (must take note of this) and still was taking me a moment to grasp that this was for me! Nina started the video montage compiled of photographs of my family, my brothers and parents and also each of my wonderful Mama friends and their children. 

Watching the video montage  I reflected on how very lucky and 'blessed' I am in my life; My wonderful husband and gorgeous and healthy daughter, our baby that is on the way. My supportive and loving family and friends. Seeing photos from the time Grant and I started dating, until now almost 7 years together and 2 children- there is no other word but to say I am blessed. Seeing birth a bump photos of my beautiful friends and their children. A tear was shed in gratitude.

Nina had also included inspirational photographs and artworks for positive visualisations for labour.

Along with my special drink, I was fed Mushroom Vietnamese Spring Rolls. Oh. My. Deliciousness! 

I had only mentioned that morning my friends that I was having a serious craving for these goodies being the thoughtful people they are, whipped (or rolled!) them up in a matter of hours. Thank you so much Fee x

Along with the feeding and reflecting, I was gifted with newborn cloth nappies, chocolates, champagne, eco spa goodies, an incredible pendant from the Mandala Journey, candles, hand written poems and affirmations and of course, each of those attending (and some that could not make it) gave me a bead for my Blessingway necklace to be worn during labour.

Then it was time to get the bump out to be decorated with henna. I got to chill out on the couch as Fee decorated my bump with henna; a beautiful flower was painted and I felt very pampered and taken care of. My girl was extremely patient as Fee worked her magic. I love the above photo of both Fee and I feeding our little ones.

I am so grateful and blessed to have such friends. I had an amazingly pampered day and feel inspired and empowered by the love and support I receive from those around me.

Nina, Gheila, Leigh, Lillah, Mish, Meg, Laura, Paula, Amy, Fee, Rhiannon, Emma & Tracy...

A million thanks for my blessings x

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Helping in the kitchen // Bubbling in the pan // Waiting ever so patiently // RESULT! nom nom.

I may or may not have a problem...

I decided it was time to sort out my drawers and drawers of costume jewellery.

I received a proverbial kick up the but from my Den sisters (more on them later) whom decided a much needed clothes/jewellery/accessories swap was needed.

When we moved into our new place in December, I shoved everything into drawers and boxes with the premise to sort it out one day, well that day came, and with Avie's 'help' we got it done before the birth of the newest De Souza. I also have a lovely chest of drawers just for my 'little' collection.

I have always loved jewellery. I guess being one of the 'curvier' ladies, jewellery will always fit, although I have big hands so rings can even be a struggle. Anyway, when I moved to London, I got a job in retail on Oxford Street and one of the perks of that was discounted clothing and accessors. I was in heaven! I would buy necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets for a few quid.

I am terribly sentimental about jewellery and when I travelled around Europe in 2003 I collected quite a few pieces as souvenirs of cities and countries, it was so easy to carry and I have great memories of that time when I look at the pieces now. I rediscovered a ring I bought in the US almost 15 years ago, it felt like Christmas finding that buried deep in a drawer. I also have a gorgeous wooden jewellery box that Grant gave me for Christmas in 2007, filled with necklaces he had bought in Afghanistan.

The vast majority of what I have is cheap and chic. I have never really been into precious stones although I have one diamond necklace and my diamond engagement ring. I am more about tribal/ethnic beads and semi-precious stones. Much of what I have is from Camden Lock Market in London and from our trip to South Africa in 2009.

So after a 'clear out' today, the above photos are the finished product.

I still have much more than I could ever wear but I... Just. Can't. Let. It. Go!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Current Reading # 2

A Birthday, Valentine's Day & 'The Plague.'

My green girl with her Ribbet 

Here we are on Thursday and this is the first chance I have had to post about Big Daddy's birthday and also Valentine's Day. One of the reasons for this is we have been sick, sick, SICK in this house.

Sunday was Grant's birthday and instead of greeting him to breakfast in bed and excitable gift opening in the morn he was greeted with 2 very sick girls and a day filled with vomit buckets (TMI?), laundry and general care of Avie and myself. Now, I hate being sick (who doesn't?) but I am a particularly prickly patient when nauseous. I had very real moments on Sunday of preferring labour to a 24 hour stomach bug. Puking at 30 weeks pregnant is not fun. The only thing worse than being sick is when your child is; the helplessness is maddening and as always, I am so thankful to have such a wonderful partner who spent his 32nd birthday looking after us.

Sickness aside, Grant got to open his gifts; a painted canvas from Avalon, and a new shirt from Etsy (it's purple, it has a guitar on it) from me- both were a hit! Avalon had made him a card too so all in all the day was not lost, despite being housebound with a rain check on lunch at Cau and settling for watching The Debt on the box.

The masterpiece.

cards... cards... cards

It took Avalon and I a couple of days to start to feel better so this week has been pretty much a right off- couch bound and hanging out, bathing and nursing and watching way too much Cbeebies.

Tuesday was St. Valentines Day, and of course Grant had to work so we looked forward to a dinner courtesy from COOK. I probably should have put my domestic goddess hat on but their Salmon & Asparagus Gratin is lush and I cannot compete- it was a lovely treat.We started the morning in a beautiful way; 3 in the bed- exchanging cards and gifts, Avalon thought it was Christmas again, and yes she told us so.

I got Grant a herb box from Plantabox, personalised with 'Big Daddy's Herbs' on the side... I will take a photo when it is all set up and growing lovelies. I received a gift certificate for the Relaxation Rooms, which I will use before baby arrives. Avalon and I also received cards from a 'secret admirer' in the post, funnily enough I think I recognised the handwriting!

We have spent the rest of the week couch surfing,colouring and cancelling plans with friends. Today is Thursday and the girl has gone 'downhill' again. I hate to see her like this. Here's to her getting well for the weekend, it is a big one. We have a pirate party to attend on Saturday and a scavenger hunt on Sunday.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Come live in my heart, and pay no rent"

18th January 2012

Let it snow...

The appearance of snow never gets old for this Antipodean.

I think I was even more excited than Avalon this morning to open up the curtains and see the white blanket covering our street, backyard and the rolling hills of Farnham Park. After a late morning start of coffee and eggs, Avalon and Daddy just had to get out in it.

There is something so beautiful and magical about a snow day, when you have nowhere to go of course. 
A lazy Sunday is the perfect Snow Day and here we are (not so secretly) hoping we get some more falling over night, ensuring tomorrow is a stay at home day for Grant too.

Now, the girl is napping and I am catching up on blogs and watching Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.