Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday nights are alright!

Friday means....

Big Daddy is home early from work... plenty of time to play.... chilling on the couch... and a glass of wine.

Tonight, it also means the best pizza money can by, made lovingly by my main man....

... and chill out with some tunes....

This is 'our' song......

There is no such thing as 'Baby Food'....

On our journey to crunchy enlightenment, we discovered a concept known as 'Baby Led Weaning' (BLW), or as I like to refer to it, 'Common Sense Eating'.

After Avalon's birth, and with the breastfeeding going swimmingly (and with no end in sight), I started to look into what we would do when it was time for Avalon to start exploring food sources other than boob juice.

I started reading a lot of information about BLW (and what exactly the term meant) through my fellow crunchy friends, in particular Sausage Mama. With that research we knew this was the way to go for us. We all like natural and easy... what could be better than that?

I guess a lot of people don't realise that breastfed babies don't actually require any food until two years of age. They get all the nutrients and goodness they need form their Mamas. I have one friend who said her son first 'ate' a sandwich on his 2nd birthday. Until then, the point of food is for exploration of tastes and textures, as well as feeling included at meal times.

We had planned to wait until Avalon was at least 6 months before giving her anything other than milk but she was curious at about 5 1/2 months (grasping for our foods, putting her hands to mouth etc) So we decided to give her something to try.... we started with some carrot from our garden.

5 months on, she 'eats' just about anything and feeds herself (no loaded spoons, no purées.)

Some common foods we have given her for breakfast are: fresh fruit, yoghurt, toast, peanut butter, vegemite, jam, scrambled egg, sausage, croissant (hey now!) Fir lunch she will usual just have a bit of whatever I am having; today we met up with some friends so I packed her a lunch box of grapes, organic chedder cheese and spelt biscuits. Dinner, she will eat a little of what we have too, I have found BLW fabulous for being accountable of what we eat; how much sugar and salt is on our food as well as eating organically. She LOVES asparagus, broccoli, pizza (who doesn't?) ravioli, Quorn mince and the list continues.... She drinks smoothies, juice and even the odd soy milkshake. Avalon and Grant had a day out together to the art gallery in Murwillumbah and she thoroughly enjoyed her strawberry soy milkshake.

We eat out quite a bit also, it is great that BLW fits in so well, no purées, bowls, jars, spoons to carry around... here we are at Wagamama (our favourite!) Avalon loves the edamame beans.

We eat as a family and at the same time which is EASIER for us (no puréeing!) and makes her feel included.


I have had a lot of questions about BLW ('Arent you worried she is hungry?' 'What about choking?') and it really all comes down to good old common sense and knowing your child's needs.

I was speaking to one of my dearest friend's, Elisabeth, about BLW. She has older children and she said. 'Hey, I did that-- it is just common sense, I didn't know it even had a name!'... That is what I love about it; easy, connected and sensible eating.

Ok... not BLW... but pretty cool anyway.

 I figure I am not a fan of eating mush so why should Avalon?

breakfast at Nannie & Grandads... Mango & Watermelon

Got any more??

Belissima Ravioli

The remains of the Spinach & Feta Pie featured a few blog posts ago.....

These were taken just now as Grant was preparing dinner.... snacking on a cherry tomato.
Photo credit to Uncle Graham.

If you are interested in baby led weaning, you can find out more from here.