Saturday, April 9, 2011

Birds flying high... you know how I feel...

After spending most of the week feeling pretty sick (tummy bug, will spare you the details, but it was awful) I was determined to get out and enjoy the days sunshine today as well as feeling oh so happy that I was feeling better than I had since Monday.

We set out for Box Hill in Surrey. I had only been there once before with Grant when we were a newly loved up couple. He was home from Germany for a short while so I bunked off work for the day from London, caught the train down to see him and he took me to Box Hill. I was (and still am) so smitten with him that I still remember what I wore that day and even what I ate for lunch at the local pub in Mickleham... That folks, is a sign of love.

So on top of enjoying today with Avalon, it was lovely to reminisce with Grant about the day we had spent here so long ago (gaaaah I wish I could still fit into those little shorts)

What a beautiful place. Home to rolling hills and Michael Caine.

After Box Hill we headed to a petting farm called Bocketts. Avalon had a great time too- animals, swings, KIDS (yes, she loves other children.)

We were also blessed enough to witness the birth of 2 lambs--- yep, even this birth junky tears up at the sight of animals having their young.

*Note... It appears that I now have to pay blogger for the honour of uploading any more photos to my blog (I can only assume that was in some fine print I didn't read... watch this space for the completion of this post* pffft