Sunday, April 10, 2011

Milestones & Blogger Curtain Call (?)

I thought it time to post again about some of Avalon's latest doings and developments.

She is such a funny little girl... she laughs loudly and with her her belly, whether from some secret joke her Father and I do not know, something she sees on TV; usually Peppa Pig or Special Agent Oso (Oh yes, we know them all!), just seeing the cat or purely to get a matching belly laugh out of Grant and I.

She says a number of words; Mum, Dad, Bye, Kitty, Duck and Wow- I think that is all? She LOVES to push around her little pink wooden trolley that carries her blocks (thanks for the gift Nina) She powers across the room, down the garden, wherever she can when she is given a free path without obstructions (and watch out obstruction!) She can almost manoeuvre it back around when she hits a wall and likes to collect toys and bits and pieces as she passes for her trolley.

She waves without abandon when entering and exiting a room, usually in unison with 'bye.'

She has her two top teeth; 4 teeth in total now and I am astonished at how cute baby teeth were (are you still with me?) It is so sweet; 2 front top, 2 front bottom.... I think her molars may be next as she is chewing on them like mad and her gums are white and swollen.

Probably the most exciting development is her walking; she has taken a number of steps now unaided... walking between me and her Dad. She has been walking with our help for about 4 months now, she has such string little legs. Her favourite is to walk with each of us on side of her; a hand holding onto her... the 3 amigos. I am sure her walking confidently will not be far off.... then I will need to move like lightening. She is already so fast with her crawling.

She throws a ball like no other. We have a couple that are fairly dense and heavy and yet she still picks them up and throws them to either her Dad or I. I think throwing things may be her party trick-- balls, puzzle pieces, toys, food... you name it. The food throwing can get a little wearing admittedly.

She is really inquisitive of her surroundings. It doesn't matter whether we are in the house or outside she is looking, touching, tasting everything. She loves the wind in her hair and constantly talks to herself which is terribly sweet to listen to.

Her eyelids flutter as she drinks from her sippy cup.... she likes chocolate soy milk way more than she should and she knows when she likes to get our attention as she pulls her hairclip out. This happens constantly and she will put her hand to her head, pause, make eye contact, smile, and wrench! her hair is so long yet I still can't bring myself to get it cut. It is so beautiful and I love her hair so much.

She really knows my parents now and anticipates our Sunday morning skype calls. She starts swaying back and forth with vigour as my Mum sings Row Your Boat to her. I relish seeing the joy she brings to them.

Her favourite foods are heinz chocolate biscotti, broccoli, english muffins, soy chocolate milk, grapes, cherry tomatoes, potato and satsumas. Her favouite toys right now are kitty, Elmer, Peppa and her dolls house.

She is getting so big! Anticipating her no doubt soon to be walking status, we took her to Clarks to get her first pair of shoes today. her big girl shoes *sigh* She got a photo, a certificate and a growth chart... no doubt she will be out of them pretty quick so alot less bare feet.

As I type this she is lying on Grant on the couch. he is stroking her head to sleep. It's moments like these I tell you... I cannot love him or her any more than I already do... and with that, she is in the land of nod.


Now, like most of my blog posts, this should contain a myriad of photos but as you the reader (if you are still here) would know that once you exceed your free uploads you have to start paying the man... I cannot tell you how annoying this is (even though the amount is minimal) My last blog post was cut short from the many photos I had chosen were given a big read X by blogger as I had exceeded my At this point I am still undecided what I shall do. If I stay on with blogger I shall update my last post (it is the perfectionist in me- it must be just so.)

The fee is not a huge amount but am considering taking redpatentmaryjanes to a new platform.

So, blogspotters, you may hear from me again? Or maybe not.... Either way, I have quite a bit on my plate at the moment with work general social plans (those 1st birthday parties!) and Grant's exams so there probably won't be a change too soon. But... WATCH THIS SPACE.