Saturday, January 29, 2011

Coffee, Scotch Eggs & Deli treats...

Now I love my big corporation coffee as much as the next caffeine addict (Starbucks I am looking at you!) and I will probably never quit them but their is something about getting your coffee fix from an independent cafe, or in this case, deli.

I love Caracoli.

We first discovered this place when we took a day trip to Arlesford earlier in the month and after deciding it was far too chilly to wander around Jane Austen's House (and it was nearing lunch), we ventured further to Arlesford to find something delicious. It was there we found Caracoli.

This little jem was not only filled with delicious food (eggs benedict, tortino anyone?) all sourced locally, but had delicious coffee and a deli section that I could have spent more than we earn in.

Whilst in Australia I discovered T2, an amazing tea emporium and here were their products for sale right here in Hampshire.... Brisbane Breakfast Blend please...

So we had a brunch of sorts, bought a new Vegetarian cookbook and enjoyed the chilly morning in Arlesford

G is impressed... Avalon is snoozing.

When we got home, I searched for the Caracoli web page and to my surprise discovered they had just opened up here in Guildford!

....Any excuse for a mosey into North Street suited me just fine. So today, we stopped in for lunch- it was very hard to resist the bear, walnut and brie on rye but I went with this treat below.... and coffee of course.

Vegetabularian Scotch Egg & Chutney

It was delicious, with great views of the town and although very busy, the staff were very friendly and helpful. We will definitely go there again for a bite to eat, or for a caffeine fix... and it gave me an idea for G's birthday in 2 weeks.