Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Your love... is better than ice cream"

Alice Holt Forest ~ 19th March

So Summer is certainly almost upon us, yesterday was an amazingly sunny and crisp day; jet streams across the blue clear sky and only a light coat required. These are my favourite days.

We started the morning in Guildford with coffee and newspapers at Jo Clarks, a long-time local establishment. As Mother's Day is fast approaching, Grant and Avalon took to the shops in search of something for me- I think my heavy hints of expensive jewellery fell on deaf is, but that is ok, anything they could pick for me is all I could ask for and more.

In the afternoon we headed out to Alice Holt Forest, I went there a few weeks back and thought it was amazing and wanted to show Grant this treasure on our doorstep. He loved it as much as I and a great day was had by all 3 of us.


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