Friday, November 19, 2010

To blog. Or not to blog.

For some time now, friends have asked if I had a blog and seemed genuinely surprised when I answered with an emphatic 'No'... I didn't get it... Who has the time for that and what do I have to possibly say that anyone else would be interested in reading? 

Well... as for the time issue, I seem to be able to make time for a myriad of other things (a particular social networking site I am eye-balling you!) and as for what I have to say? Well, maybe my little musings on life and all that is of no consequence to anyone else? This is just for me. To express. To vent. An avenue for my musings and most importantly, to have a 'record' of my family and our life..... Hey, at least I am sure my Mum will read it.

A wise woman I know once wrote; 'Blog to Express, Not Impress' and that has always struck me as the best place to begin. 
So, if you decide to actually read on, here are some of the topics you may find covered;  my family, music, natural & attached parenting, film, books, social issues and anything that inspires and aggravates me.

So, a little bit about me? I love my music loud- from rock to blues, to old school R&B to heavy metal. I find change difficult and try to find balance in my life...I have been told I am opinionated and passionate which I shall take as a complement.

I am ALL about my family; My husband of almost 4 years, Grant and our beautiful daughter, Avalon. We like to live all things 'Green' and follow natural and instinctual parenting; We are a homebirthing, breastfeeding on demand, baby-wearing, co-sleeping family. Call me a hippy if it makes you feel better to use labels, I don't mind...

So, do you still want to stick around? I hope you enjoy.... shall I start?