Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weekends as we know it...


Apologies for the mish-mash of photo editing.... I am stealing 10 minutes to blog and have taken the pics straight from Facebook. 

Avalon & Daddy chilling in the park on Father's Day // Lucian dressed for a day out // Avalon & I swingin' //   vanilla cupcakes at Maison Blanc // Kid-free shopping for me // Grant & his girl swingin' // 
Our family hamming it up (Lucian in the wrap)

I love the weekends.

With Grant at work 12 hours a day we relish the end of the week and Saturdays and Sundays mean family time and a re-charge of the proverbial batteries. 

We usually do much the same every weekend since we moved here; park play or two, a coffee shop break (or two), maybe some shopping and as of late a trip to the library every 2 weeks to return and borrow books. Not very rock and roll I know, but it works for us. Dinner is usually take-out or something simple with a glass or two of wine.

This time with the kids being small is completely fleeting so we are making the most of it whilst we can.

First haircut + Sausages in the park


Yesterday the girl had her first haircut at 27 months old.
I won't lie, it was a little traumatic for both of us as 'the haircut' is a milestone we hadn't reached and not from  a lack of need either. I just didn't want to cut her lovely locks, her wispy blondish curls, and as a bald baby myself I loved the fact she was born with a full head of hair.
Cut (no pun intended) to months of fussing over clips and hair-slides through out the day and de-tangling every morning, I decided that bangs were the way to go... and dare I say it, she looks scrumptiously cute (and tre chic!)
She seems happy with it too, but that could be because of the lollipop she got from the stylist.