Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy NINO, Baby

Today is Avalon's 9 month birthday... her NINO (nine months in, nine months out) as you will.
What a joyous, emotional, empowering nine, or eighteen months it has been.

I can hardly remember life before she was part of it, Grant and I have been blessed with a beautiful, intelligent (yes- I said it!) child who we learn from everyday. She is a joy to be around, I get equally excited and saddened to see her grow older and love that I spend each and every day with her. My world.

Today Avalon and I made banana and walnut bread, ok, I made it and she watched, before helping to lick the bowl... it is days like this that the world stops for me. Soppy sentimentality is what I am about in this moment. She is my greatest accomplishment and I still look at her in wonder ("I can't believe she is mine!")
I love you, Munchkin.

I'll let John Butler tell you how it is...