Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Old friends/New friends...

K & A in Germany February 2008

Today I finally caught up with two very dear friends I haven't seen in three years.

It was a long time coming and as Amy said, 'It is a sign of a good friend that we can just pick up where we left off.'

Kelly, Amy and I met when we were all posted to Elmpt Barracks in Germany with our husbands.The three of us child-free, I guess we gravitated toward each other as it was difficult (well, for me anyway) to make friends on the camp if you didn't have children. There seemed to be a plethora of social groups for Mother's and their children but nothing for women that had not taken that step and had only married the men we loved and found ourselves whisked away to a foreign country... anyway, I digress.

Kelly's lovely other half actually organised a 'playdate' between her and I (Thanks Chris!) and Amy and I worked in the same building.

These two ladies were absolute gems for my sanity (and my social life) whilst living in Germany, I had a handful of friends and a job I enjoyed yet theses two I felt an immediate kinship with. I don't know how to describe it other than we just clicked. We all shared a deep love for sarcasm, trash TV and Chinese Food-- and we all suffered fools very lightly which often had us in snitches over cups of coffee. I had the honour of going to Amy's 12 week ultrasound and Kelly took great pity on me and drove me around when I was car-less.

I was so sad to say good bye to them in 2008. It wasn't fun (but a way of army life) to move again so soon as I had only been in Germany 11 months. I don't really like change and I find it difficult to make good friends- what can I say, if we don't have a commonality, it just isn't going to work.

The three of us have kept in contact thanks to social networking and that has been a fantastic tool in keeping each other up to date with the other's lives and of course a good gossip every now and then.

Fast forward three years and we find ourselves living within an hour (or two) from each other and having four children between us! How lovely to introduce our little "A's" to each other (Avalon, Amelia, Amber and Ava) and again, connect with like-minded Mamas!

Thank you for the laughs girls and we must do it more often, It didn't take me long after that move three years ago to realise you were two of a kind.