Friday, February 4, 2011

My lounge room kinda looks like Toys 'R' Us

Hindsight is a funny thing.

When you are pregnant, particularly with your first child I image, you think that you need so much 'stuff' for the new baby. You are swimming in such unfamiliar waters that you relies on the advice of others in regards to what baby will need; of course there are bits and bobs you could never have dreamed of while childless.

I still remember Grant and I standing in the middle of a Mothercare store while I rubbed my 6 month old bump and saying 'Ummm... HELP!' when asked if the assistant could find us anything. If I could converse with the old self I feel we could have saved ourselves a lot of money. It leaves me feel quesy when I think of the HOURS Grant and I put into researching pushchairs (size, weight, conversions, price) and I can count on 2 hands the amount of times I have used it in 10 months (I love you Ergo)
I am continually bemused when I see newly pregnant friends preparing for baby saying, 'I need this.... I have to have that!' Bemused... but yes, I understand that feeling oh too well.

I knew from the beginning that I was more than happy to relieve anyone of their second hand baby things. We were so lucky to have a few good friends that passed on to us their pre-loved goods; clothes, high chair, walker and toys. Avalon has made good use of all of it, and then off to the charity shop it goes.

As she reaches her first birthday *gasp* we have started to sell and give away some of her old toys and clothes as well as furniture. It is a good feeling, and helps to fill the pockets again. We have also decided to avoid any plastic toys for a number of reasons. Keep the toys to a minimum and let the family 'spoil' her if they so wish. It is hard to resist clothing sometimes (baby AC/DC T-shirt, anyone??) but I am going to have a crack at re-fashioning some of her (my) favourites whether because I loved the fabric or the graphics. There is also that quilt I plan on getting around to in this life-time so there are many clothes we are holding on to.

So, what would I advise Mums to be? Just... chill.... Babies really don't need all that much stuff... That is a battle you can fight when they get to 13.