Sunday, February 20, 2011

Backstage Pass...

Big Daddy and I love ourselves a live music gig... it can hardly be beat... Today I was reminiscing about some of the amazing concerts we have been to together over the past 5 years and I can't wait to take Avalon along too.

Music is a big part of our lives and I want Avalon to grow with an appreciation for it too.
Although I no longer play (I grew up taking piano, guitar and clarinet lessons) Grant still plays the guitar, composing songs for Miss A and playing her classical lullabies. I love listening to him play as it always soothes me, and it works well when Avalon needs some chill out time too.

You really can't beat live music, the smaller the venue the better in my opinion, although we usually end up in some huge arena. I love the roar of the crowd- the feeling of anticipation and the warm cider. Yep, suits me just fine.

I had always wanted to see 3 bands live; Metallica, REM & Pearl Jam and we have managed to do that over the past few years (Pearl Jam twice no less.) I am not sure who is next on the list, we will see what the summer brings.

We really wanted to venture to Sonisphere this summer to see The Big 4 (Anthrax, Slayer, Metallica & Megadeth) but it is too long to leave Avalon (2-3 days) and we would love to take her but I think the metal mayhem experience may be a little too much- even with the sale of family passes.

Here are some of our memories....

Nightwish supported by PAIN @ London Astoria 2008

Pearl Jam 2009 (and 8 weeks pregnant) Avalon's first gig!

Guess.... 2008

That surely is a happy face.

The mighty Metallica @ O2 Wembley

Blues & Roots Festival, Byron Bay 2007 (the weekend before we got married)

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, Byron Bay 2007

REM supported by Editors 2008 @ Twickenham

Hard Rock Calling 2010~ and our first time away from Avalon (a long 8 hours).... it was such an amazing day and one of our best dates ever.

festival feet....

Mr. Eddie Vedder

This is the idea!


5 in 60 seconds... Books

Here are 5 of my favourite novels... in no particular order.... the first that came to mind in under a minute.

I decided not to ponder too long on this or else I WILL change my mind... so for whatever reason, when I think of the films I love-- these stood out.

All of these works cover a different genre of writing yet they have left a lasting impression on my writing and way of thinking. They are also all novels that I have re-read again and again.