Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ukulele ♥

'Longing to Belong' from Eddie Vedder's forthcoming solo album, Ukulele Songs.

Hmmm... Let's face it, if this album was nothing but Eddie playing the kazoo I would probably still buy it.


Mother Mother

My Mother is a poem
I'll never be able to write,
though everything I write
is a powem to my Mother.
~ Sharon Doubiago

Avalon, Mum & I May 2010

“Sometimes,’ said Pooh, ‘the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” - A.A. Milne

Ahhh my beautiful girl... almost 14 months old. I hardly know where the time has gone, other than in a sleep deprived haze.

Last week we were a family of 2 for 5 days, Grant was in San Francisco so it was just Avalon and I hanging out together. It was also half term here so there was no La Leche League meeting or Natural Parenting Group get-together for us to attend and the weather was far from desirable. So a quiet-ish time. I took the Wednesday off work to take G to the airport and also to just focus on Avalon as I didn't want to be leaving her when one of us was already away.

It was a hard. couple. of. days. I cannot paint it any other way.

I rely hugely on G's support, especially at night so have struggled with only a couple of hours sleep a night. I know, I know, I feel like this is becoming a little repetative but it I get out out 'here' I will feel better about it. To top it all off, Avalon would only go to sleep between 10-11pm each night and was up at 4am which is far from ideal for me. But, hey, what can I do, huh?? Taking a multi-vitamin, drinking lots of water and taking each hour as it is.

The poor poppet was also teething something horrid and hopefully we have seen the end of it for another month as seems to be her pattern. 3 gnarly back teeth have cut their way through and her gums look awful. It breaks my heart to see her so distressed.

I have said it more than once but THANK. GOD. FOR BREASTFEEDING-- it got us both through the past week. Her teething led to a snotty nose and to add salt to the wound, Mother Nature also chose Wednesday to catch up with me after 2 years. Bleurgh.

I think A missed her Dad immensely. When we met him yesterday at the airport she gave him a huge smile, buried her head into my shoulder and then burst into tears. It was emotional for all of us but I imagine especially hard for her as she doesn't yet understand why Daddy is (temporarily) away. Hopefully no more time away for awhile.

Avalon now has 9 teeth, she is getting up and down off the couch herself, she is speeding around the house on her little feet, chasing the cat and walking loops through the lounge, kitchen and dining room. She is in LOVE with any and all animals... including snakes. She can spot a dog a mile away with a 'woof woof' and any bird-like creature is a duck-- although she says chicken too. She sings 'Row, Row Row, Your Boat' and pulls this face which never fails to get a laugh from her Dad and I:

She loves her friends and lights up excitedly when she sees them- she is very social, smiles at everyone and yet seems to enjoy her time playing on her won. It appears her most favourite thing is to read her books-- we have so many and she pours over them, talking to herself. She says thank you and gives the tightest hugs I could ever hope for and lingering kisses (READ- face smashes against my own.)

I love her to bits and she makes everyday brighter.

So what else have we been up to? We spent an afternoon at a bonafide summer fayre in Bramley, the three of us took a drive to Weybridge and had lunch and a play in the park. Grant had a day off a couple of weeks ago whilst I was at work and he and Avalon enjoyed a Daddy & Me day, going to trilakes to see the animals.

I am happy as Grant is off work now for the next two weeks so lots of family time for the three of us.