Sunday, September 11, 2011

On this day...

On September 11th 2001, I was living on the Gold Coast in Australia in a house share with 2 others.

I was 19.

I was in my second year of university and was home alone that night. I went to bed early(ish) when I was awoken about 11pm by a phone call from my then boyfriend telling me to 'just turn on the TV.'

I walked downstairs in the dark and flicked on the small TV in the living room. Every channel was covering a terrible accident in New York City. A plane had flown into one of the towers of the World Trade Centre. The newscasters were speculating if  this was a terrible accident or was this an act of terror. Within one minute of me turning on my television and sitting on the carpet in front of the screen in the dark, I watched as a second plane flew into the second tower. I cannot describe the shock I felt, followed by the enormity and realisation that this was no accident. I called my boyfriend and we talked about what was unfolding. I will never forget him saying, 'This is war.'

That day and the next I don't think I left the living room. hearing further reports of what had happened in Washington and Pennsylvania. I was glued to the news coverage from the US, I spoke to my family on the phone. Australia was so far away from what was happening and yet, everywhere we went for weeks, the devastation of what had happened could be felt.

I cannot believe that 10 years have passed since that day and I remember it like yesterday.

I have never been to New York, but it is a city I would love to see. The resilience of her people is inspiring.