Tuesday, April 26, 2011


If you are one of those people who finds schmaltzy love sentiments sickening I suggest you stop reading now. Then again you probably stopped reading quite awhile ago. I am aware of this. Sometimes we just need to express. To be grateful. I want to acknowledge how very blessed I feel in my life.

My family is more than I could have dreamed. My daughter is happy, healthy and thriving. She is a joy to be around and I love nothing more than watching her grow.

At 12 months old, every day is a new and exciting discovery... she changes and develops quicker than I have the chance to take in, little alone memorialise. She is walking now, she says several words as well as talks to us in her own way. She is so loving and joyous I can hardly remember a time without her.

I feel BLESSED (yes there is that word) to have her in my life. When I think of her, she truly is a blessing to her Dad and I. We are not religious but I do not know how else to describe what she means to our lives. The two of them make every day special.

My husband literally stops me in my tracks on any given day. I am not sure he will ever know how much I appreciate him, and am inspired by him (I can get a little carried away here as I am fairly certain he will not read this.) I do not know a father like him. I love my Dad more than anything but Grant's patience is like I haven't known. He is completely loving, involved, committed and attached. I aspire to be like him with Avalon-- he does a far better job than I as her parent. He is a natural. He works so hard and comes home to spend quality time with us. He is quite simply, 'a good guy'.

I have friends that struggle to get the same support from their partners; friends that struggle to be on the same parenting 'waive length.' I cannot imagine what that is like and one reason why I am thankful everyday. I know I do not tell Grant enough what he means to me.

Avalon and Grant have their 'routine' at night that is solely theirs... They play together, he bathes her and then reads to her. I relish hearing the laughter from upstairs as they spend time together. Our weekends are ours. Last weekend was a perfect example (it was a long weekend too)- we went for a picnic in the park on Friday, we had a BBQ at home on Saturday, brunch at a cafe in Farnham and wandered the farmers market on Easter Sunday and spent the bank holiday Monday at a petting farm with friends; enjoying the sunshine and time together. It was all about the simplest things and it was perfect.

I make no qualms about the fact I have always been a 'glass half empty' kind of girl so it is important for me to take a moment and acknowledge how very lucky I am.

You you are still reading, well done you.