Saturday, February 5, 2011

Army life SUCKS

Off to exercise (another year, a snowy February)

Ok, so tomorrow G is off for 2 weeks on military exercise. I hate this. As if it is not hard enough with the small amount of sleep we get each night I am left to do it alone for 2 weeks. he is such an amazing support on those nights (and days) when it all feels just a little too much. It is pretty typical of his unit to not understand how we need him here, as the phrase goes;

If the army wanted their soldiers to have a family, they would be issued with one.

I am counting the days until he leaves (he signed off last October.)

Hopefully we will be living the civilian life by the Summer. I am excited for the opportunities that lie ahead and most importantly leaving behind this lifestyle. No more moving, no more having your life dictated to you, no more hubby being away for pointless reasons and YES I think this exercise is pointless.

For as long as we have been married, Grant has been away, not only for his birthday, but for mine. Well that will all change soon. He is looking forward to not being told when to shine his boots and get a haircut- a little too much for a 30 year old, don'tcha think? As he said, a phrase borrowed from a fellow colleague, "I am not a big enough arsehole for this...' I know what he means and it makes me laugh, it is no disrespect to the others he works with, but works for? well....

So what am I going to do over the next 2 weeks? Enjoy my time with Avalon, taking it slow each day, seeing friends when we want and just being present with each other. Today has been a great example, as Grant has been busy preparing a lesson for the exercise and packing (HOURS of work- on a Saturday) the Little Miss and I have been playing with her toys and reading her new animals book we picked up from Oxfam today (she loves the touchy/feely books.

 I am excited to be seeing a friend next week I haven't seen for 3 years and introduce our girls to each other. It will be a great time but we will just miss our main man. Love you babe x

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