Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crunchy Credentials, Fluffy Bums & The Kindness of Strangers....

While I was pregnant with Avalon, I looked into using cloth nappies.
My husband and I were concerned about the environmental waste of using disposables and also the cost.
I won't lie, I also think they are more aesthetically pleasing than the ol' papery nappies I see and I can only imagine are more comfortable for babies bottoms.

It didn't take long before I realised that the old terry towelling squares I knew as a child had been replaced by funky, easy and functional modern cloth nappies, or MCN's as they are affectionately known.
Before we could say "I'll take 10 of the bamboo all-in-ones" our excitement turned to trepidation. Out-laying a stash of nappies for baby was going to set us back at least 200 quid! MAJOR BUMMER. Sure, we could see that over much time this option would be cheaper, but initially, it seemed (and was) a mountain of money.

So with much trepidation, Avalon started off in disposable nappies-- now, if I can redeem myself somewhat I will tell you that we purchased the most 'eco-wise' brand that we could (yes, yes, I can see you fellow crunchies snickering at your computer screens!) but even we know it is not the same. Using disposables never sat well with us. We were doing everything else that we felt was right for our daughter; from her birth in the calm and comfort of our living room to co-sleeping with her every night, feeding on demand (not a schedule that suited me), and never leaving her alone to cry. ... and then, here we were covering her bottom in pesky baby (and God knows what else.)

I put my virtual hand up and admitted to some of my fellow crunchies my dilemma, I was honest, and said that money was standing in the way of our cloth bottomed dream.

I connected with fellow cloth lover's on one of my all time favourite bloggers fan sites, Sausage Mama, and was beyond overwhelmed with the response I got... 'Hey, why don't I send you one?'.... and then the offers flowed in.

My husband and I were absolutely awed at the generosity and kindness of these women I had never met (although some of them have been the best virtual friends a gal could have!) Before I could blink, 13 lovely cloth nappies were being sent my way for Avalon. Wow. Just Wow.

I had the honour of meeting the lovely Sausage Mama, who organised the cloth nappy drive for me, and some of the women I had been chatting with through social networking when I went back to see family in Australia over Christmas, and picked up the MCN's for Avalon to use.

So now... I am proud to say, my daughter is a fluffy bum-covered baby, and that my friends, should finally earn me my crunchy credentials!

.... and to those Mamas.... THANK YOU... and Avalon thanks you the most.