Friday, March 4, 2011

Mouth's Cradle

Essentially, there are two reasons why I dig this song ~

1. It is Bjork. 
2. It is a ditty about breastfeeding.

For you.

There is yet another one
That follows me
Where ever I go
And supports me
This tooth is warmth-like
And these teeth are a ladder up to his mouth
These teeth are a ladder that I walk
That you can walk too if you want
If you want up to the mouth
The mouth's cradle
Up to the mouth's cradle
He always has a hope for me
Always sees me when nothing else
And everyone have left
That ghost is brighter than anyone
And fulfils me with hope

And you can use these teeth as a ladder
Up to the mouth's cradle, the mouth's cradle
And you can follow these notes i'm singing
Up to the mouth's cradle, the mouth's cradle
The simplicity of the ghost-like beast
The purity of what it wants and where it goes

Always love, always loves you, always loves you
Infrared love

And you can use these teeth as a ladder
Up to the mouth's cradle, the mouth's cradle
And you can use these teeth follow my voice
Tooth by tooth
Up to the mouth's cradle, the mouth's cradle

I need a shelter to build an altar away
From all osamas and bushes 

"Nobody knows it, but you've got a secret smile..."

Avalon is 11 months old today... 

I can hardly believe she will be one year old in a month, I can hardly believe it has been a year since I gave birth to her; the greatest love I have known.

I am busy preparing her first birthday at the moment, a Hungry Little Caterpillar party for her and her friends. It will also be bitter sweet as it is a joint party with her friend, Owen (and our dear friends, Tracy & Marty) who are moving back to Australia only 2 days after the celebration. We will miss them so much, we have become very close to them and Tracy has been a wonderful support to me over the past year (I have only known her a year too.)

Today we had lunch with friends (including Owen and his Mum) and the went for a walk in Farnham and also to Manor Park from our house. The kids had balloons and it amazes me that such simple things bring them such happiness.

Avalon has also cut her second tooth within the past week and has been 'eating' more and more. 

I have written many a time about how I am in awe of how she changes and grows, each day there is something new for me to discover about her, and watching her make her way in the world is awesome yet humbling.

As we head into March I can feel the weather getting a little milder... the sun is shining that bit warmer and the darkness takes longer to come in the evenings. I am so excited for the Summer months; to spend even more time with her in the outdoors; walking, playing, exploring. By that time she may be walking and I cannot wait. 

She is our absolute joy and all we do is for her.