Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Current Reading # 1

Everyday People

This song always puts me in a great mood and I need the 'lift' today.

Join me and SMILE!

There is something I should tell you...

24 weeks + 6 days

There is no more hiding it, I feel like my 'not telling' kind of translates to lying so here is what is happening in our world: I am pregnant. Quite a bit pregnant, actually.

There are a number of reasons I have kept quiet about my pregnancy, some of which I don't wish to divulge but I will say for the most part that I have felt much more private about it than I did when I was expecting Avalon. I think the fact I am kept so busy with a toddler plays a huge part in not really discussing it- I have hardly had a moment to digest these changes myself, nor have the 'luxury' I did the first time around of focussing wholely on mt growing bump.

We have told very few people we are expecting again, obviously those we see reguarly and dear friends and family know, but I have not 'announced' my pregnancy on Facebook- a surprise for some. I freely admit I'm more than a little addicted to the social networking site and through this blog and my Facebook acount, I say I live a pretty 'open' life.

There has been a lot G and I have had to work through this time and as one week rolled into the next I just decided to keep up with the 'not telling.' It may be really hard for some people to understand I am sure but for more than one reason I just wanted to focus on other parts of my life.

When baby arrives I will absolutely be blogging about our life with 2 children under 2, so it seems fitting that I do include this post- also as this blog has developed more into a journal of our life it is only right to mention the impending arrival of Mini DS as we call 'baby' (and no that is not an acronym for 'Dear Son'.)

So, if any of my friends are reading this, I respectfully ask you to keep 'mum'.

So... Shhhhhhhhhhhh.


Is there anything sweeter?

three more weeks three more weeks three more weeks...

Avalon 20 months

I am really finding this working part-time malarky kind of hard.

The being at work part is fine, actually, I will go so far as to say I like it. What I do find hard is leaving on those two mornings a week from home or my child minders; watching my girl cry as I have to run out the door after the third hug or losing out on work and thus a day's pay when she is ill (because, heaven forbid my child comes first!) Add to that the run of the mill stuff: packing lunches, dressing her and I, showers, brushing hair, breakfast, reading stories... ahhhhh!... and all before 7.30am. Tell me, how do other women do this full-time? How do they find balance between work and raising more than one child (as my Mother did)!? I feel I am not able to give 100% either to the company I work for or my daughter.
It is a balancing act I have not perfected and my proverbial hat is off to any parent that can do this.

I am finishing up work in three weeks and... I. am. counting. down.

No longer shall I sit in traffic an hour and a half in the morning to get to the office on time. No longer shall I feel the guilt about leaving my daughter (often) upset. I had hoped I could 'do this' but alas, the juggle is not for me. Do not get me wrong, it is going to be financially hard and money will be VERY tight but this is something I will just have to get used to as it is what WE have chosen to do.

I am looking forward to a few more days like this, just hanging out with my girl....

couch surfing, belly button twiddling & watching cartoons.