Thursday, February 24, 2011

ART. Appreciation. Part deux

I love the colour and detail in Klimt's work and 'Mother and Child' is no exception.

Painted in 1905, it was part of his 'Three Ages of Women' collection.

This piece has always been a favourite painting of mine; I remember first seeing it (not in person unfortunately) during my final year of school, studying art for my higher school certificate. Now as a Mother I identify with the love, security and protection envisioned in the painting and subject. I hope to see it one day in Rome.

Something new each day....

This week Avalon is moving even faster.... it amazes me how quickly she is developing and in a matter of days I can see a huge difference in her movements. I really need eyes in the back of my head now as I turn and she is halfway across the room crawling.

She freely pulls herself up on to people, the couch, the TV stand. She is couch surfing to get where she needs to be. I marvel watching her and seeing her look at her hands and feet and the wondrous new things they are doing.

I must add she is also a terribly flirt... I catch her repeatedly making sweets eyes at just about any man we encounter. Grant had a friend over the other night and she would not leave his side, it makes me so happy to see her so confident socially with others- always smiling and cuddling up to my friends. I love that whenever we are in a store she is full of smiles for the clerks, my baby girl does me proud. I still have moments where I can't believe someone so beautiful is mine.... but I am gushing.

She is high five-ing with her Dad, "singing" in her own little way and talking to her toys (I would love to understand what she is saying!) She says Mum, Dad, Hi, Kitty (although it sounds like Titty) and let us not forget the infamous shimmy dance. I love to watch her wiggle her little bottom as she stands at her walker.

I am rubbish at filling out 'baby books' and I hope I always have this to look back on and marvel at the milestones she is reaching. We are so proud of our little girl.

Avalon just walked behind her Vtech walker... all by herself... and Grant was home to see it *heart explodes* x