Sunday, January 16, 2011

The life & times of a (somewhat) domestic goddess....

Added to the list of activities that we love to do as a family is cooking together. Nothing warms the heart cockles (and fills the tum) like stirring/chopping/grilling up a storm in the kitchen.

Since making the pledge to eat healthier and more 'green', we have taken more time to sources local and organic ingredients to cook for ourselves, rather than opting for take out- well, I have taken more time, I am not the Masterchef in our house, that has always been G, who not only has taken to the kitchen with a passion *ahem* but concocts such delicacies that it puts whatever I try my hand at to shame (apart from baking... I RULE at baking.)

The typical Friday and Saturday night for us is going through the myriad of cookbooks we have and choosing a recipe to do together (all with the help of frequent vino breaks and baby 'helping' moments.) I would like to add that this happens during the week too-- with much less wine.

So last night on the menu was spinach & feta pie (with a side of cherry tomato salad)... and oh yes... we did good (recipe available on request).