Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Yesterday my fellow Den Mamas surprised me with my very own Blessingway. I honestly had no idea they were planning it; I thought we were getting together for a showing of The Business of Being Born at Gheila's house, which has become I think the official hang out of the Den-ians.

As we got cosy on beanbags in Gheila's cinema room with our babies surrounding us, I was surprisingly served with one of my favourite drinks, Lychee Bubble Tea! The ingredients sourced online (I usually get my fix in London) is that spoiled or what!? As usual my head space is usually occupied with my own world (must take note of this) and still was taking me a moment to grasp that this was for me! Nina started the video montage compiled of photographs of my family, my brothers and parents and also each of my wonderful Mama friends and their children. 

Watching the video montage  I reflected on how very lucky and 'blessed' I am in my life; My wonderful husband and gorgeous and healthy daughter, our baby that is on the way. My supportive and loving family and friends. Seeing photos from the time Grant and I started dating, until now almost 7 years together and 2 children- there is no other word but to say I am blessed. Seeing birth a bump photos of my beautiful friends and their children. A tear was shed in gratitude.

Nina had also included inspirational photographs and artworks for positive visualisations for labour.

Along with my special drink, I was fed Mushroom Vietnamese Spring Rolls. Oh. My. Deliciousness! 

I had only mentioned that morning my friends that I was having a serious craving for these goodies being the thoughtful people they are, whipped (or rolled!) them up in a matter of hours. Thank you so much Fee x

Along with the feeding and reflecting, I was gifted with newborn cloth nappies, chocolates, champagne, eco spa goodies, an incredible pendant from the Mandala Journey, candles, hand written poems and affirmations and of course, each of those attending (and some that could not make it) gave me a bead for my Blessingway necklace to be worn during labour.

Then it was time to get the bump out to be decorated with henna. I got to chill out on the couch as Fee decorated my bump with henna; a beautiful flower was painted and I felt very pampered and taken care of. My girl was extremely patient as Fee worked her magic. I love the above photo of both Fee and I feeding our little ones.

I am so grateful and blessed to have such friends. I had an amazingly pampered day and feel inspired and empowered by the love and support I receive from those around me.

Nina, Gheila, Leigh, Lillah, Mish, Meg, Laura, Paula, Amy, Fee, Rhiannon, Emma & Tracy...

A million thanks for my blessings x


  1. oh that's beautiful! how blessed you are indeed! love the pic of the feeding lil ones too.
    very special time x Becka

  2. These are cute photos!
    A BIG congrats on the baby!

    Come visit my blog and let's follow each other on GFC>