Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Resolutions... Here's hoping.

So, every year I make a few resolutions for the coming year. It is the optimist in me trying to overpower the ever present pessimist. So, here goes. It is worth a shot, hey?

1. Read More.
I am pretty sure this was on the list last year as well. I easily read about 15 books a year, by and large due to a daily 40 minute train commute and being one half of a child-less couple. Well that all changed. Since I acknowledge I spend waaaaay too much time on social networking sites I can at least incorporate a little reading time into each day. Even with a toddler. I think. I have several books on the shelf at home waiting to be devoured and I would also like to read/re-read the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.
But first up; a refresher with Ina May.

2. Take my vitamins and drink more water.
Thrilling stuff, really.

3. Work Out.
I will be honest and say for once in my life the vow to take more physical exercise has little to do with vanity and weight loss, well, that is probably about 10% of the reason.
I swear I have such low energy and also do not sleep well. I can only partly blame Motherhood for that one and the rest is purely not taking better care of myself. I am hoping that by getting out in the fresh air and pounding the pavement I will feel a little better and have a little 'me' time as well. Possibly looking better will be a by product.

4. Get back to nature.
As a lead on from resolution No. 3, I am going to aim to spend more time (particularly on weekends) enjoying the great outdoors with my family. I don't think we do it enough, and I mean PROPER walks, of the mile(s) variety.  We always have a great day out together when we do and live in such a beautiful part of the country, with so many amazing trails and national parks on our doorstep it seems silly to waste that..

5. Be more assertive.
For those that know me this may seem like a laugh. For those that TRULY 'get' me will know I struggle badly with this. When I am bothered by something, I let it eat away at me, consume me (Hello? Insomnia?!) and that is far from healthy. There are a couple of people in my life that I struggle with finding the words to stand my ground (they are also people I MUST have in my life.)
Here's to finding the right words to not get walked over, and most importantly, feel that I have said what needs to be said in a constructive way.

I think that is it?

Best keep it short and sweet.

Wish me luck.

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