Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A lotta love for L-Town

Last Saturday I caught the train into London to meet up with my good friend Brooke to see The Rum Diary in Leicester Square. A day all for me! I could drink coffee hot and natter with a friend, spend way too long looking at materialistic pretty things with the added bonus of a trip to the cinema.
Brooke and I worked at the same sushi restaurant a hundred years ago, well  8 years ago to be precise, and haven't seen each other since I got married in 2007. A catch up was well and truly overdue.

We have discovered through the medium of social networking that we share a love of film- the quirky, the arty, the off-beat and the foreign. The release of Hunter S. Thompson's The Rum Diary was the perfect excuse to meet up after many promises to do so. Johnny Depp? I. Am. There. Say. No. More.
Firstly no trip to London is complete without a sojourn to Camden Town. I used to spend (literally) every weekend there in the two years I lived in Pimlico. I know that place like the back of my hand and has such an amazing energy and buzz that of course, I had to stop by before heading to Leicester Square.

Bubble Tea and Chinese food were to be had, along with browsing the hundreds of stalls that adorn the markets. As good as I remember.

In the 6 years I have been visiting the markets they have tripled in size and I could easily spend an entire day there. Alas, this day I had but 2 hours. Tea, food, debating black rimmed glasses t(oo much?) and the purchase of a new pair of earrings and it was back on the Northern Line to Leicester Square for me.

Brooke and I wandered Covent Garden in search of coffee, discussed the virtues of Johnny Depp over popcorn and the films we love and recommend over Thai food at Suda.

It was really revitalising to have a day just to myself. I knew G and A were having a great time together at home as now that G has started his new job (more on that later) he is doing longer days than he used to (about 4 hours longer.) He hardly gets to see her but for an hour or two at night so taking that day for the two of them was a special as it was for me to be reconnecting with an old friend.; Brooke AND Camden.

With all the changes coming our way over the next 12 months (more on THAT later) I wanted to appreciate this time now, 'recharge my batteries' so to speak and have some 'me time.'

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