Sunday, September 25, 2011

New York, New York

I can hardly contain my excitement! This morning, out of nowhere, my wonderful and amazing husband surprised me with an early birthday card he and Avalon made that included inside a flight itinerary to... 


That is right, we are off to the 'Big Apple' this weekend! All three of us are going to take in the sights of Manhattan and surrounds. I have always wanted to travel to NYC and am absolutely floored that Grant has managed to organise this as a surprise present for my 30th birthday, with the inclusion of our families. Considering I was hoping for a pair of wellies, My Lovely has certainly surpassed any expectations I had for birthday gifts.

Top marks, Dear husband and family.

Feeling very thankful... very blessed... and extremely spoiled.


  1. WOWOWOWOWOW! Oh, I am so excited for you - have a fabulous, fabulous time. And happy birthday too x

  2. Thanks PPMJ :D
    Definite New York blog post to come x

  3. What a legend! The most awesome present ever! x