Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Avalon Update

So, what has been happening in our world that is all things Avalon?

She has started to put together two or three words at a time. Usually questions. I have mentioned before how amazed I am at how quickly her vocabulary is growing, this age (16, 17 months) is such a time of growth it seems.

She loves to play with her books and when she is talking whilst reading, she is recites the story from memory. I can hear key words from the book as she flips through the pages- something my husband used to do as a child I believe. Right now she loves Naughty Parents, Where is the Green Sheep? and Each Peach Pear Plum.

She loves to point out objects, animals, people- 'Shoes!' 'Up Stairs!' 'Izzy!' 'Sheep!' 'Apple!' 'Horsey!' (yes the exclamation marks are necessary.

We were nursing the other morning and in the dawn light she pulled away from me and said, 'Ducks!' I hadn't even noticed the twittering of the birds outside our bedroom window. We also have a painting above our bed that she did of a crocodile stencil... 'Cocadile!' She exclaims when entering the room.

She is a very confident little girl. I watch her playing in groups of other children, sitting back and observing before jumping into the play with a friendly smile. She is an avid sharer which makes me very proud, as it is something she has seen mirrored as opposed to being told to do. She loves being around people, especially children and loves spending time with 'babies' and her friend, Izzy.

I love her little cotton socks x

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