Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Give us a kiss, Love!

So Grant was up in London town yesterday, thankfully the rioting had stopped (or not started for the day) and I was working... boo hoo... Avalon spent the day with her Granny as she does eevry Tuesday and I tell you what, I just burst to get home to my girl at 5pm.

Last night we hung out, reading stories and colouring which is her absolute favourite thing! She could literally colour for 30 minutes or more (an eternity in baby years) nothing enthralls her that long except maybe The Wiggles. Ironically, she has a Wiggles colouring book and of course, every picture is 'Daddy.'

While we were colouring I snapped a few piccies and caught a few kisses. I could die from the sweetness, I tell you.

I showed her the photographs on the digital display of my camera and twice she said 'Avalon.' I could hardly believe it! My heart bursts with pride thanks to this girl... so sappy to anyone but her Mama but really, I could watch and marvel her all day long.

She says so many words now I can hardly remember them all. I am astonished at how well we can verbally communicate at 16 months old. Maybe this shouldn't be a revelation to me but she is such a vocally confident little girl. 'Again' 'More' 'Round & Round the Garden' 'Birdies' 'Flower' 'Frog'-- there are new developments every day.

Speaking of kisses, she loves to push G and my head together to kiss, all the while having kisses bestowed on her too... please tell me this will always be the way. My heart is so full from her love.

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