Tuesday, July 12, 2011

☆ Starry, Starry night ☆

Last Saturday morning I had the privilege of attending my dear friend Nina's homebirth.

Hers has seemed like the longest pregnancy in the history of mankind as she will attest and am so pleased that after the intervention-filled birth of her first daughter, her second was born into the calm and familiarity of their home.

Nina has known of my desire to train as a Doula for some time and with that in mind, she and her husband, Gez were gracious enough to let me attend the birth in this capacity (and as official photographer.)

To be included in such a momentous time in their lives is incredibly humbling and I will never forget this experience, so with that, this is my recollection of the night. This is not Roxy's birth story (as that is Nina's rite) but I wanted to share my feelings.

With contractions coming intermittently over the past 4 weeks, we knew that this birth was going to come quickly. I have spent a great deal of time with her and have felt the tightening of her belly as Roxy wriggled and moved. I joked that she was making it too comfortable for her in there, as Nina has been mentally prepared for this birth since 37 weeks, so suffice to say she was pretty fed up with being pregnant. Big sister Izzy made her entry into the world much sooner than 40 weeks so here she was hovering somewhere around 42 (the dates are confusing and a long story within themselves.)

Nina had called me early that evening to say her waters had broken whilst she was grocery shopping. Her contractions had started but were not very intense so I was on standby but not too over-zealous. I love that Nina has been so calm about the whole process; namely my role during her labour. I was so conscious as not to step on any proverbial toes of the midwife, not to be a hindrance to Nina or Gez and only support her as much as she needed. I was concerned about over crowding her, over touching her (or not enough) but she had the attitude of 'we will play it by ear' and she was so right.

I sent Nina a message at around 9pm Saturday night to say I was off to bed, my phone was close at hand if she needed me (I only live a 10 minute drive away), I could be with her in no time. She said that her contractions had stopped again and so I fell asleep not really anticipating another call.

At 12.45am the phone rang, it was Gez to let me know that her contractions were 6 minutes apart. I dressed excitedly, left Avalon & Grant asleep and drove to their house in the dark- filled with anticipation for what the dawn would bring.

When I arrived, the door was unlocked and soft music was playing courtesy of the radio. The birthing pool was inflated in the conservatory at the back of the house with towels abound. I tip toed in as not to alarm them (or wake their sleeping daughter) and found Nina was close to transition already, she was kneeled on the futon with Gez massaging her back. She could hardly speak and was breathing through her contractions. I went into what I can only describe as 'Doula' mode and kneeled beside her.

As Gez was rubbing her back for pain relief (we didn't know at this point but baby was posterior) I got a cold flannel for her face and neck and used it to cool her down, trying to soothe and calm her. We kept our voices low as possible. Nina breathed vocally through the contractions and despite the intensity of the room, there felt like an incredible calm in the dim conservatory and stillness of the night.

The midwife arrived 10 minutes after I and upon consent examined Nina. She was 9cm. Her labour had progressed so quickly within only 3 hours and I could see her body moving to push. Her breathing had changed to a more gutteral sound. The pool sat half full as every time Gez tried to fill it with more water his hands were needed to massage away her pain.

I will remember alternating between stroking her head, smoothing her hair from her face and picking up the camera to record these moments. 'Songbird' by Eva Cassidy was floating from the radio, such melody and calm in a room filled with intense energy.

I cannot describe how amazing it was to see this little girl emerging into the world, Nina on all fours on the futon as I stayed behind the midwife to photograph as she had wanted.  I remember seeing the full head of hair emerging and wanting to exclaim 'she has hair!' yet refraining as I didn't want to take Nina out of her zone.

Roxanne Myfanwy entered the world at 1.45am on Saturday the 9th of July as 'Starry Starry Night' played softly on the radio. She was passed between her Mama's legs for her first cuddle. Mum and Dad sat together on the futon with their new daughter, basking in the glow of her birth and the love that came from extending their family. Mum had skin to skin, Dad had skin to skin, Roxy opened her eyes almost immediately, such big brown eyes and stared at her surroundings. She was so alert and yet calm.

I got home at 4am and crawled into bed beside Avalon and Grant, Avalon usually wakes at this time for milk and I was too excited to sleep.

I am so honoured to have been a witness to Roxy's birth and am thankful that her parents were pleased with the photographs and support from the night.

Welcome to the world baby girl.


  1. Hi, please could you let me know who I can contact regarding the use of the photo on your blog Tuesday July 12 2011, xray photo of baby in the womb. Please mail me at 0798450564@vodamail.co.za Tks

  2. I found it via google images and had no copyright attached. I suggest finding it the same way and see if you can find the source of the original photo.