Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Butterfly kisses...

Although we had a party on saturday for Avalon's first birthday we decided to wait tunil the Monday to give her our gifts and blow out the candles on (another) cake.

Along with some bits and bobs we had bought her; clothing, an art crayon roll... we wanted to get her 1 big gift from us. Something she would always have from her Mum & Dad...

We decided on a dolls house.

THIS dolls house.

We got this one from eBay and I absolutely love it! Firstly that it is wooden, secondly that it is preloved, thirdly that it is intended for little hands and last but nowhere near least... it was a bargain!

We picked it up a few weeks ago from a beautiful manor house in Reading and being that Avalon has slept with us we kept it hidden from her in the nursury.

Her birthday morning she loved playing with it, and I am sure as her imagination develops she will get much joy out of it as well. Oh yeah, I think it is pretty darn neat too.

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  1. How gorgeous! Just found your blog due to the serendipity of our blog names - love it.