Saturday, March 5, 2011

On this day...

Here is the De Souza family, on this day, the 5th March 2011 in Guildford.

We took a wander around Guildford Castle's grounds including Alice's Garden, named after one time Guildford resident, Lewis Carroll.
It has been a rather chilly day but was refreshing to be out and about enjoying the weather.

We also had lunch at The Garden Room which I recommend... lovely coffee and fresh savoury and sweet pancakes. I love our little lunch dates and treasure our weekend time together.

New things for Avalon this week? We have seen 'oinking' at her toy stuffed pig- although it sounds closer to a snort... after pulling herself to a standing position on an object like the toy box, she will then let good and has been standing unaided for a good 5 minutes... continuations on the mum, mum, dada, kitty, hello... hmmm... I think that is it? Oh and today she drank half of Grant's smoothie at lunch through the straw- her eyelids a flutter and she sipped away. She is also very aware of sharing her food... with Me, Grant and the cat... 

I will add to that she has taken to napping on the couch during the day (as she is now.) She will not do it with me but she frequently falls asleep sitting on the couch next to Grant, cradling under his arm... It is very sweet.


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