Monday, March 14, 2011

HOPE in Farnham

Last Thursday I had 4 baby-free hours to myself. 

My dear friend Becky and her husband Denny will be look after Avalon one day a week when I return to work, so I decided to get my haircut, have a look around lovely Farnham and finish some preparation for Avalon's 1st Birthday Party in April while they had her~ a trial if you will for me and her and being apart.

I take Avalon to a baby group every Monday at the Baptist Church in Farnham and knew the church was holding an art competition in conjunction with Farnham UCA

The exhibition centred around the idea of 'Hope' and what it meant to each of the artists. I had 30 minutes to kill before my hair appointment and decided to have a look at the exhibition.

I must say I was quite impressed with the work displayed and loved that 'Hope' had a myriad of meanings to the featured artists.


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