Thursday, February 3, 2011 are peaches & cream to me

My blue eyed belle.....

Tomorrow, my baby will be 10 months old.

I cannot believe how quickly Avalon is growing, I know it is such a cliché but even in the last few weeks she had developed in leaps and bounds. I have already blogged my milestones post but this is about her personality; how I see her little ways developing and the sense of her.

She loves being around others; she is so smiley and cheerful, particularly at other children. it is wonderful to see. She knows her friends. I have a few really good friends here and she recognizes them straight away, and of course their children too. Today we went to visit my work where I have been on maternity leave from for 11 months, I love to hear others comment, "She is such a smiley baby","She is just beautiful" "What a clever little girl" and yes, I know as Mothers we always think that of our children and rightfully so, but when you hear it from folks you would never expect, your heart soars just a little further and I think with pride, ".... and she is mine".

She is so affectionate, I have waited for this moment for so long, when she hugs me back; wrapping her little arms tightly around my neck. She reaches for me to pick her up from playing on the floor, or out of the bed and tries to climb up my legs--- the look she gives her Dad when he enters a room is heart stopping. 

It is these moments, everyday, that I feel truly blessed.

Even now, as I take a moment to myself, I can hear Grant and Avalon reading 'Each Peach, Pear, Plum' a favourite book of mine as a child. Avalon shakes her hands with excitement as her Daddy turns the page, and does her best to mimic what he says (I swear she has said 'kitty' twice now.) They then pick another book, her sensory animals book which has proved a big hit; as Grant turns to each new page she giggle with delight, mimics his voice again and runs her hands over the fabric and felt on the pages. Love.

Daddy & Daughter

Today I we were playing at a friends house and she was holding a minute Peppa Pig figurine and was snorting! It was so sweet...  I know to others this may not seem like much, but to us, these small developments make our day. Today during dinner she said 'num num' after Grant said 'yum yum.' Yep... proud parents.

10 months old (almost)....

I can't believe that before I know it she will be walking... running... but first, celebrating her 1st birthday. The passing of time is bitter sweet.

So, on this day.... here is a song dedicated to my sweet girl.

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