Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Visitors from Australia... via Cairo

Yesterday my Aunt Lorraine & Aunt Jackie came to visit for a few hours.

They have been on a touring holiday through Egypt for the last 3 weeks and with all that is happening in Cairo with the protests, their tour was delayed (they had been due to depart Egypt for South Africa 5 days ago) and were finally diverted to London Heathrow.... for one night.

I am so glad they came to see us in not-so-sunny Hampshire.

It was so lovely to see some family; I have had a rough week, to say the least (another blog post maybe...) and I needed this visit.

I am slightly envious though, their photos of Egypt are spectacular and am sure their time in South Africa will be just as amazing, they will be in the Cape for several days before departing on the Queen Mary for 17 nights, through Mauritius and back to Australia.

Bon Voyage Lorraine and Jackie x

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