Saturday, February 19, 2011

Je t'aime

I will admit, Valentines day has never been a huge 'deal' in our house (nor was it for me growing up.) I remember my parents didn't celebrate it but I have a cherished memory of receiving an 'anonymous' rose one year~ beautifully wrapped in a cylinder with babies breath flowers. For a chubby girl with little self esteem it certainly brightened my day... even if it turned out to be from my Father.... Thanks Dad, I love you.

I guess without sounding a little cynical, Grant and I have not put a whole lot of weight in it, it is also 2 days from his birthday as well so that explains a lot. Either way, I like to think we do nice things for each other all the time...

So that being said, I decided to get Grant a little token gift this year, along with his birthday gift; a little box of Belgian chocolates and the trinket box Avalon made. I myself, received this:

Yep, the boy did well. A canvas of photographs....It was so thoughtful and covered our time together over the past (almost) 6 years; dating, London, Australia, married, Germany, Pregnant, Avalon. A memory canvas for our wall.

Grant was only home for a couple of days before he was off on military exercise for another week so we made the most of the weekend. Saturday was his birthday and I wanted to do something a little different this year and I put together a hamper for him. I had spent the week before running around and collecting some bits and pieces I knew he would enjoy.

Grant's favourites; wine, sweets, biltong, Rooibos, Chocolate, books, recipe folder and tea sub, Avalon's coaster.
As usual, the day started with cuddles...

......then a pancake breakfast courtesy of Aunt Jemima (ha!)

After our fill, we decided on a day in Basingstoke (or Basingraad, as Grant calls it.) After a wonder and a shop, it was Spanish tapas time at La Tasca....

"I want bread, dad!"


So a lovely day was had by all, although we were all very tired from a not so great night's sleep before. Unfortunately, G had to leave again on the Sunday for a week.... but.... Happy 31st Birthday my love>

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