Friday, January 14, 2011

The post that needs no title.....

My husband is the man I never in a million years dreamed could be mine; his intelligence and social awareness move me...his rugged good looks weaken me. 

I knew I would marry him from the very moment I met him.

He has a wicked glint in his eye and a sense of humour like no other. His hands are strong and capable, and can fix anything that needs a' fixin. His smile melts my heart each time I see it and the way his eyes crinkle as he lets out a belly laugh stop in my tracks. My husband is very much a man. He does not suffer fools lightly which lead to awkward social situations and yet his tenderness and patience with our daughter is awe inspiring. I strive to be more like him. To be as attached as him. I feel so LUCKY and so GRATEFUL that he is mine and more importantly, that he is Avalon's Daddy. He plays the guitar with passion and ease, composing songs for me and his baby girl. I have captured forever in my heart the day he sung a Bengali lullaby to our girl as she drifted to sleep. 

He has helped make my dreams come true, first and foremost by giving me Avalon and secondly for ALWAYS encouraging me in whatever it is that takes my heart's fancy with a reassuring, 'You can do anything." This man loves me without condition.

I could not possibly be more in LOVE with him. 

His hard work and dedication to our family are evident in every minute of his absence. 

I respect his work ethic and his strive for balance; to be a present Father and Husband, yet still provide for us in a way that we do not want for anything. His girls deserve the best. We couldn't ask for more.

There is little for me to say that hasn't already been said to him in the whisperings of just... 'us'... but I want the world to know, that there has never been a better father, partner, lover or friend than this man I call mine.


  1. so so beautiful! you are truly blessed x

  2. Thank you... and dedicated to all the great men.