Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010. The year that was.

Another 12 months have breezed past.... and what a year it has been...

G and I rang in the year at a lovely French restaurant with some dear friends... I would love to say it was a lash of a night but in actuality I was 6 months pregnant, so other than a celebratory glass of bubbly any indulgences were about the garlic and bread. Might I add this is probably the first time since I was about 16 that the beginning of a new year did not herald the start of a diet... I know... sad.

January was also filled with a few 'snow days.' After awhile the home confinement becomes not so fun and what was initially a treat becomes incredibly boring.

In February we celebrated G's 30th Birthday and the same restaurant (yes... when I am on to a good thing, I stick to it.) It was a surprise party and am quite pleased with myself that I pulled it off, with customized photo cake and all!

In March I finished work for 12 month maternity leave... I won't lie... that felt great. I love my workmates (and my job) but I was TIRED. and it was COLD. and I just wanted to sit at home... My MIL asked, 'But won't you be bored?'.... Ermmm Heck NO! My estimated due date (EDD) was March 28th so I was looking forward to the me time before the us time.

So, March 28th came and went... I started to get a little fidgety although I knew baby would come when he/she was good and ready... and she did, entering our lives (and our living room) on April 4th, Easter Sunday. That day, is a blog entry in itself.
It is pretty safe to say that the rest of the year flew past in a joyous, emotional haze... wow..... just wow..... 
I cannot explain how I have felt; the degree of emotions, sometimes on a daily basis, are awesome. I am well aware that these are feelings that all Mothers have felt in that first year, but truly, until you experience it yourself, you cannot fathom what it is like. The sleep deprivation has been something that I could not even imagine... but we push through, knowing she is happy and healthy.

My lovely parents and one of my brothers came to visit us in May, it was great... spare pair (or 3) of hands with A and around the house. Thank you. Thank you. Of course they doted on their first grandchild (and niece) with abandon and I was so happy for the love/help/support.

With G's job he can frequently be away, so when my best friend, Kate, came to visit from Australia in June in was a Godsend... 2 weeks of help and conversation and laughs-- Gahhh she saw me at my worst and still stuck around.... gotta love her.

My birthday came in October with little fanfare, G was away (again) but I am luckily enough to have such wonderful friends around me who made the day special for me.

In late November we headed to Australia (HOME!) for a month... what a rejuvenation for my soul... family, friends, sunshine... 4 weeks was not long enough, but I am so grateful for the time I had.

We arrived back to the cold just after Christmas and our New Years Eve was spent in a jetlag haze at some friend's house... a couple of drinks... babies... and Indian food.

I am looking forward (Onwards & Upwards) to what 2011 has in store for our family, we already have a few changes in store and that is just the ones we know about. Hmmmm.... will be a ride.

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